We are now offering arena time for non-members. $25 for 2 hours of ride time per individual with up to 2 horses. The Arena Use Agreement and Rules are posted on the clubhouse. Arenas are open from 6am to 9pm. Our grounds are monitored so please be honest when paying for your ride times. Forms and envelopes are located in the red info box in front of the clubhouse. Please fill out the form with your cash or check payment and place it in the white drop box. Riders under 18 must have a parent sign.


Please be respectful of the grounds. We keep our grounds very meticulously maintained and we expect you to pick up after yourself. Garbage goes in the garbage cans. Manure may be dumped in the manure pile on the East end of the yellow barn; NO manure in the garbage cans please. Do not clean out your trailer on the grounds. If your horse digs, fill in the hole. We have sprinklers marked with flags, please do not run them over! Use of stalls and barns are prohibited. Lessons are not allowed for non-members. That means no trainers or coaches are permitted to instruct on the grounds. Violators may be asked to leave and may be permanently dismissed from the grounds.


The grounds are closed when there is an event or are rented. Please see our 2019 calendar. If you have any questions please contact Denise Morris at 509-438-5340.


We hope you enjoy your ride times at the club!

Arena Use Agreement | Arena Use Payment Form